Frequently asked questions

* Is it possible for you to set up the RSS feed to work with thumbnails ?
I'd like to but, unfortunately, the RSS feed is not designed that way. Still, I'll try to find a fix.

* Can I vote or rate a specific shot ?
Yes, you can by using the "Rate this shot" feature beneath each enlarged photo.
Roll your mouse over the 5 grey stars and then click on the appropriate one to confirm your choice, like this example

* Why do you encourage people to vote / rate your shots ?
Because rating not only allows me to identify areas for improvement, it also allows viewers to express their likes/dislikes in a very quick way.

* Is the vote / rate feature anonymous ?
Absolutely !  Feel free to click on as many stars as you like :))

* Is there a way to list ALL comments left on your shots ?
Yep, and it's a cool feature too !  It's located on the Home page, on the vertical menu under "Statistics". Click on the little turquoise coloured icon and see what happens.

* Can I receive an e-mail notification each time you post a new shot ?
Yes, by simply subscribing to the Newsletter.

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